Nurses Training College in Ghana - JNTC
The general nursing programme has been developed along the semester course unit system. This effectively integrates nursing education effectively into the new educational reforms.

The programme is hospital and maternity home oriented, problem-based and learner-centered.  This involves supervised field attachments in the hospitals and maternity homes and the clinical areas.  It requires that the student midwife directly observes and participates in the activities of the hospital and maternity home.  The courses have been organized to encourage the integration of theory and practice.

The programme is competency-based and takes into consideration the current needs of society, those of the student midwife and trends in midwifery.  The extent to which a programme responds to the needs of the community is indicative of the degree of relevance of the programme.

Academic Calendar & Courses

With regulation from the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Health, Nurses and Midwifery Council, we follow a well-organised academic calendar within two semesters in a year 

E-learning at JNTC

Jirapa Nurses Training School is exploring new ways of using technologies to enrich the nursing educational experience and expand opportunities for our students through an elearning Portal and use of ebooks.

Important Dates

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Student to Tutor Ratio
JNTC has one of the lowest Student to Nursing Tutor Ratio
Students population across various levels.
Alumni and Graduates
Graduate through the KNUST and Licensure Exams Annually
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