JNTC administration is responsible for the strategic implementation of mandate, vision an mission of the training College

The College is an agency institution under the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG). It is managed by the catholic bishop of the Wa Diocese and subvented by Ghana Government with it’s human and material resources.

By mandate, Jirapa Nurses training College has a governing Board and administrators who serve as the management of the Training School. Its organogram starts with the principal of the school, assisted by various Departmental Heads and support staff such as the Accountants, Librarians, Caterers and IT professionals. The School partake in various training programs in Ghana and abroad for its staff such as those organised by government authorities as well as training programs independently selected by the school for its staff.

We also encourage staff to persue personal development courses sponsoring some staff members in this regards. All these make the school one of the best training institution to work for. 

Organogram of Jirapa Nurses Training College

JNTC Organogram - Nursing Schools in Ghana

Our Campus and Facilities

Our Remodelled Campus from 2004 is located in the Hospital Premises (St. Joseph’s Hospital, Jirapa) and has a host of facilities that makes the Nursing College one of the best Nursing Schools in the Country.


Our State of the Art Library is equipped with modern Library Nursing & Exploratory Books.

Cafeteria/Dining Hall

Our Cafeteria provides both local and continental dishes for students and Tutors


Our Auditorium equipped with modern equipment has the capacity to meet the College’s multimedia needs.


Our Classrooms are a reflection of modern classes with computerised teaching boards


Our Skilllabs give complimentary practical experience to our student’s training at the Hospital.

Computer Laboratory

Our Modern Computer Laboratory gives our students to do more in this IT era.


Our Administration with our support staff takes care of the daily run of the College as well as external affairs.


Our tutors and administrators use our offices to carry out the mandate of the institution and impacting students.

Sports Arena

Our Volleyball Court with large meeting Arena gives physical and wellness motivation to our children.